Tips on Hiring a Product Photographer

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

So, you're ready to take the exciting step and hire a Product Photographer but unsure about what you need to do and what you need to know before making that step?

Don't stress! I've outlined three 'to do's' before hiring a Product Photographer.

Don't get me wrong a Product Photographer knows what they're doing and you may think you just need to book in and let the Photographer take full control, while yes we are 100% capable of doing this, it helps tremendously when the client knows exactly what they want from the photoshoot.

Tip #1: Know your brief

The brief is one of the most important parts of Product Photography shoot, the more detail the better!

Some questions to ask yourself to gather your brief are:

  • How many images do I need?

  • Do I need them shot in studio?

  • Do I need them shot on location?

  • Do I need a model?

  • What vibe do I want the images to portray?

  • What type of styling do I want?

  • What type of props would I like to see?

  • What do I want to achieve from these images?

Tip #2: Find Inspo Images

Inspiration and reference images are great way to get across to your Product Photographer exactly what you want.

Here's some quick tips on inspo images:

  • Search Pinterest and Instagram for similar brands and screenshot any images you like the look of

  • It could be the colours, the props, how it is styled or just the vibe the image is portraying

  • If you are unsure, your photographer will often provide a mood board of reference images prior to the photoshoot which may spark some ideas for you!

Tip #3: Image Use/Uses

What will you ultimately be using your product imagery for? Website? Social Media? Marketing? All of the above?

Here's why knowing what your are images will be used for is so important:

  • Knowing what the images will be used for will help your photographer know how to shoot the images

  • Website banners = images to be shot in landscape then cropped to the exact ratio

  • Social Media/Instagram = images to be shot portrait with the ability to be cropped to square if needed

  • If you need a particular ratio, let your Product Photographer know BEFORE the shoot!

Follow these three tips and you'll be ready to take the step in hiring a Product Photographer! Remember, more detail the better!

Ready to invest in a product photographer? Feel free to contact me via my contact page or flick me and email at and we can get chatting about how to elevate your brand!

I hope this helped, see you on the next one!

Laura x

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