The process of working with a Product Photographer

A very common question I get asked is, how does working with a Product Photographer work?

You've come to the right place! I've outlined below, what it's like to work with me specifically! I try to make the process as simple as possible for my clients so they can sit back, relax and pour a drink while I work my magic behind the camera and computer screen.

Step #1: Initial Communication

  • Contact me via Email, contact form or my Social Media channels

  • Either choose from my set packages or request a personal quote to suit your exact needs

  • Let me know what you are wanting to achieve from the images

  • I will then send you a client brief questionnaire for you to fill out, this will help gain further detail and ensure your expectations are met - this is a great time to send through your inspo images!

  • We then lock in a shoot date, client agreement contract is signed and organise to send your products to me (don't forget to send a pre-paid sticker or bag for the return of your products!)

Step #2: Pre-shoot Planning

  • I will research into the business and find out what the the brand vibe and values are

  • A mood board and shot list is created from the brief

  • I source and purchase any props needed (any specific props will be added to the clients invoice)

  • The mood board and shot list then gets sent to you for confirmation, this to confirm we are on the same page

Step #3: The Photoshoot

  • That's all the client work done - nows your time to sit back and relax!

  • I shoot from my home studio in Tauranga, New Zealand

  • Depending on how many images are agreed on I may split the shoot into 2 days to ensure consistent creativity

  • The mood board and shot list is constantly referred to while shooting

  • I will update you once the shoot is done

Step #4: Post Production

  • I sort through the images and select the best ones

  • Editing is done in Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Once the images are edited to perfection, they are uploaded to an online gallery and sent to you via email to download

  • You can expect your images within 3-7 days after the shoot date unless stated otherwise.

There you go! That's pretty much the process of working with me as your Product Photographer! It is kept as simple and straight forward as possible and I am always available for any and all questions you have.

I hope this gave you some insight into the process of working with a Product Photographer, it's really not as daunting as some people think. :)

Enjoyed the process and feel ready to make the investment in a Product Photographer?Feel free to contact me via my contact form or send me an email at and we can get chatting about how to leverage your business with professional Product Photography.

Chat soon!

Laura x

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