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About Me

Hey! I'm Laura...

I believe it is important for my clients to really know who they are working with, to create better connection and trust, so here's a little bit about me, my background and how I ended up creating LFS Creative!

I'm Laura, I live in Tauranga New Zealand. I hold a Bachelor of Media Arts - Communication with a major in Public Relations.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, as a young girl I always wanted to be a photographer when I grew up!


I began to properly explore my photography skills in High School, this then carried on to taking some photography papers at Uni.

LFS Creative was born in lockdown, after being made redundant due to COVID-19 I thought what do I have to lose? Now is the perfect time to chase my passion. So I did and here I am today proud to say that I have turned my passion into a reality!

Apart from photography I enjoy hiking, the gym socialising with friends & family and making the most of life!